October 15, 2011

Market Wrap For The Week Ending 15-October-2011

Here is our latest issue of market insights. Enjoy!

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Weekly Snapshot
• Industrial production for August was up by 1.2% in the Euro area
• Euro area annual inflation was 3.0% in September 20112, up from 2.5% in August
• U.S. retail sales in September were up 1.1% from August and up 7.9% from a year ago
• U.S. senate approved a bill aimed at forcing China to raise its currency against the Dollar
• China's trade surplus fell to US$14.5 billion in September from $17.8 billion in August
• China's September CPI fell to an annualized +6.1% from +6.2% in August
• Australia's jobless rate declines for tirst time since March
• U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index unexpectedly drops to 57.5 In October‎
• The number of unemployed in Britain rose to a 17-year high of 2.57m
• Federal regulators unveiled a 298-page draft the new "Volcker Rule"
• The August 2011 U.S. trade deficit was virtually unchanged at $45.6 billion
• The U.S. government ran a $1.3 trillion deficit for the budget year 2011

Weekly Barometers

st-2011-1014   fx-2011-1014

Weekly Chart
Christopher Sims (Princeton) and Thomas Sargent (NYU) won the Noble prize in Economics for developing tools to analyze the economic causes and effects of monetary policy – Congratulations!

Although everyone seems to agree that the state of the US educational system is in need of a major overhaul, the U.S. continues to produce Nobel laureates like no other country. It appears that the number of Nobel laureates is a reflection of America's ingenuity, creativity and innovation is a source that its entrepreneurs continue to rely upon. Perhaps herein lies the path towards finding solutions to the economic challenges and a path towards greater prosperity. 


Recommended Read
Here's a an attempt towards finding positives within an economy that looks more and more like a recession.  Please consider Why The Economy Looks Like Expansion, Feels Like Recession by Daniel Gross.

Recommended Video
The markets have been in a tight trading range all summer.  Are there any signs of a change in this side-ways trend? Time for Macke's purple crayon again to get a sense of how to position your trades.

Good luck and good investing!

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