May 26, 2010

Apple is no longer in the shadow of the “dark side”

We don’t typically cover individual stocks but today was quite an extra-ordinary event which may have gone somewhat unnoticed within the day’s market turbulence.  As of market close on May 26, 2010, Apple is worth $222.12bn and overtook Microsoft with a market cap of only $219.18bn.  The chart below illustrates how Apple slowly rose from the ashes and then started to distance itself significantly outperforming Microsoft year after year since.  What an amazing turn-around in the midst of the greatest recession global financial markets had experienced since WWII. 

Some of the traditional Apple users have compared the ongoing battle between Apple and Microsoft with the fight of the rebel alliance versus the evil empire a.k.a. the “dark side” in the movie Star Wars.  As of today, Apple is no longer trailing in the shadows of the dark side. Well done Mr. Jobs and congratulations on becoming the new master of the (tech) universe.


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